Now Boarding...

Over the next few months I'll be heading to several international destinations in a new role with Mennonite Church Canada. I'll be connecting with various partner churches to help them find ways to generate income in order to increase financial independence in a sustainable way. Check back here for updates and stories!

Link of the Day 12/19/2012

Keith Miller critiquing the current trend in church planting to elevate urban planting to a place of greater strategic importance over planting in smaller towns or rural areas.

Money Quote:

Maybe this is because the metro-evangelicals are not counter-cultural, but rather a baptized version of New Urbanism. In a culture that idolizes living in a loft in a gentrifying art district, a church planter is not exactly bearing a cross in deciding to "rough it" under such conditions.

I agree wholeheartedly with Miller's critique, but that could be largely because I am working in a decidedly non-urban area and thus prefer to elevate rural-centric church planting!

In the end churches need to be planted wherever people aren't following Jesus and the last time I checked that was both in rural and urban areas.

Link of the Day 12/10/2012

From the late great Michael Spencer:Preaching Grace is Risky Business

Money quote:

We really don't believe grace can conform our lives to Christ more effectively than law. I mean we don't. We think we need the law to keep us in line. Especially, we think we need the terrors of the law to frighten us into being good Christians. It's the "law/grace/law" model. This kind of legalism just overruns Christianity.

Link of the Day 11/17/2012

From David Fitch: Is Missional Doomed? Money Quote:

We, the missional church, its thought leaders and practicioners, are in danger of allowing “Missional” to become another commercialized program we overlay on top of existing American church structures. The result is that nothing really changes. It just sounds better. The labels have been changed but everything remains the same.